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Don't rely on your phone lines for signal transmission; they can easily be cut.

We offer state of the art cellular back-up security systems to our valued customers in the Puget Sound area for at or near standard monitoring rates. Finally, a dependable, truly reliable security system!

Why do you need a cellular back-up security system?

Traditionally, when an alarm is triggered a signal is transmitted through the premises'  phone lines. Criminals and thieves are increasingly aware of this loophole and also know that the majority of phone lines are located on the exterior of homes. They also know the most important part of a security system can be disabled with one quick cut of the phone line. Without a phone line, signals cannot be sent to the monitoring station and therefore the police cannot be notified. Cellular back-up systems transmit signals over the cellular network in addition to the phone line. If your telephone line is down or has been cut, a signal will still be transmitted to the monitoring station.

Don't let thieves defeat your system. Contact Sound Protective Systems today.

The emphasis of our site is on custom cellular back-up security systems as well as monitoring to protect you, your family and possessions from burglary and fire. We also offer a variety of other products and services.

We don't offer free security systems - we offer security systems that work.