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Why use cellular back-up protection?

Most modern security systems use your telephone line to send alarm information to the monitoring station. If your phone line has been cut or if your service has failed, no signal can be transmitted to the monitoring station unless there is a cellular back-up unit installed. Because your phone lines are located on the exterior of your home they can easily be found and cut by an intruder prior to entering your premises. This vulnerability is becoming common knowledge and telephone line cuts are on the rise. Your security system is only as reliable as your phone line and you wouldn't have your system installed on the outside of your house. Having a cellular back-up system installed in your home by Sound Protective Systems, LLC will help ensure that you, your family and your home will truly be protected. 

How does it work ?

At the customer premises, the AlarmNet-C radio cellular transceiver is connected to the security control panel. In the event of an alarm, the AlarmNet-C radio transmits a signal to the cellular network on its control channel. The actual transmission is accomplished using the same technology that enables any cellular phone to make calls from outside their local areas. The AlarmNet-C radio links to the control channel network as if it were a regular cell phone, but is capable of sending alarm data in place of the destination (called) telephone number. The cellular network then forwards the packet to the AlarmNet NCC, where it is sent through another network to our central station.