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We offer only the highest quality and most reliable security products from the Honeywell family. We create customized packages to fit you and your home - from basic models to integrated high tech home automation systems. Ask for a free product introduction and evaluation of your home.Your representative will help you decide what products are best for you. Some of our products are listed below. 

Hardwire, Wireless and Hybrid Control Panels

Cellular Back-up Devices

Cell back-up devices transmit duplicate or redundant signals through the control channel of the cellular network in the event of an alarm. This is a very valuable function because phone lines are vulnerable to intruders, weather, construction accidents, and telephone network outages. Most monitored security systems are not equipped with this feature. If you have an existing security system and it is compatible we can add this device to your system.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors protect anything that opens and closes, such as doors, windows, jewelry cases and gun cabinets. The sensor detects intrusion with a magnet and reed-switch mechanism that signals an alarm during unauthorized entry.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors detect infrared energy given off by persons in a secured area. An alarm is signaled only when the sensor is armed, and the viewed energy has the correct temperature, motion and timing associated with an intruder, thus safeguarding against false alarms. A wall tamper causes an alarm if the sensor is removed.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors feature additional false-alarm prevention measures that detect the shock, and also hear the specific frequencies of breaking glass before signaling an alarm. These sensors provide detection coverage up to 25 feet in any direction. The sensitivity is also adjustable.

Smoke Detectors

Photoelectric smoke detectors detect particles of toxic gas and dust in the air using a light sensitive cell signaling an alarm. Unlike non-monitored smoke detectors, which only alert you of a fire when you are home, monitored smoke detectors help protect your home from fire when you are away.

Heat Detectors

Rate of rise heat detectors include a fixed temperature element, but also include a temperature sensing element which can detect a sudden change in temperature. This detector is more sensitive than a fixed temperature heat detector and is the choice for applications in which reliability and early warning are critical, but where the environment makes smoke detection unsuitable.


Keypads are the main interface between you and your system. They allow you and your family to operate the system and inform you as to the status of the system (i.e., armed, disarmed, etc.). Our keypads also include police, fire, medical, and duress panic signaling capabilities in case of an emergency.

Remote Controls

Remote controls arm and disarm your security system while you are on your property. They can also be programmed to send a police, medical or fire panic signal. These devices are a very convenient addition to a security system.